Enseñamos a pensar, animamos a dudar. Educación en euskera e inglés desde los 0 años.

Formamos personas felices como filosofía. Educación en euskera e inglés desde los 0 años.

Somos Hezkuntza Lovers

Amamos enseñar para que los niños amen aprender.

En Salesianos Donostia educamos en euskera e inglés desde los 0 hasta los 16 años. Ofrecemos a los niños y niñas la oportunidad de amar el aprendizaje, desarrollarse y crecer a nivel intelectual, personal y social.

Porque educar es mucho más…

Early stimulation

From ages 0 to 6 years is when there is greater neuroplasticity and an incredible learning capacity. With our stimulation programmes we promote good neuronal organisation and we encourage learning.

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Multiple intelligences

We don't all learn in the same way nor do we have the same interests. Working with Multiple Intelligences we offer students opportunities, connecting their interests with the curriculum content.

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Cooperative Learning

We put into practice didactical proposals in which the students work in groups to optimise their own learning.

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Stop bullying!

Salesians Donostia is a KiVa Educational Centre where bullying is not allowed. Our teachers are trained to prevent and to intervene in possible bullying cases.

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Trilingualism and Model D

Our present-day reality is tri-lingual. It is essential to be proficient in English and Basque so as to eliminate frontiers. Our English teachers are native-speakers with the highest qualification, Proficiency.

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Educational innovation

We use pedagogical tools such as project-based learning, cooperative working, teaching for comprehension, thinking strategies. In addition, we have a team of psychologists, education specialists and speech therapists to detect and overcome student learning difficulties. 

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Emotional Intelligence

Our emotional state conditions our learning. In Salesians Donostia we promote a pleasant and serene atmosphere where time is given to caring, respect for and recognition of emotions.

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Learn through fun

And at weekends we continue learning through our Free Time Drama School Club GAZTETXO. Through the performing arts we work on multiple intelligences and values.

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Present in more than 100 countries

Given that the values on which our education is based are universal, Salesian schools have expanded throughout the world.

With more than 120,000 unique students

Everyone has special skills and characteristics, and our work is to identify and strengthen them.

And 8,000 top-class teachers

They are an essential element in the education of each child, so their own education and skills as teachers are crucial.

The adventure of your life begins right beside your house


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