The Education on offer

A current present-day educational offer, where the learning of the student prepares him/her for the life of tomorrow. We work with the future.

Current, open and plural education for all where the acquisition of values and aptitudes are one of our main challenges.

Salesians is a place where, with the help of the families, we want to achieve full development for each student. For this we position each child in the centre of the educational process making them protagonists and responsible for it themselves.

We are pioneers in the introduction in Basque of many of the latest successful teaching techniques tested in the most prestigious schools in Europe, Asia and America.

In and sol this way, we promote the construction of a society in which peace, cooperationidarity are a reality.

Formative stages

Infant Education
(0-2 years)

Our Infant School offers the care and education of children aged 0 to 2 years. They are divided into 4 different classrooms for better development and attention of each child: baby room, crawlers room, room for 1-year-olds and room for 2-year-olds.

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Infant Education
(3-5 years)

Immersion in ENGLISH with teachers with the highest qualification (Proficiency); basic locomotor development programme (dragging, crawling, brachiation steps...); routines and thinking skills; SmartBITs; mathematics programme; reading programme; musical programme: suzuki method; robotics; chess..

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Primary Education

Immersion in ENGLISH with native teachers with the highest qualification (Proficiency); Model D in Basque; learning through multiple intelligences; cooperative learning; problem-based learning; routines and thinking skills; chess.

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Secondary Education

Immersion in ENGLISH with teachers with the highest qualification(Proficiency) and Graduates in English Philology; learning through multiple intelligences; cooperative learning; problem-based learning; routines and thinking skills.

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In addition

Basic Vocational Training

This programme facilitates the social, educational and labour integration of young people who have not completed Compulsory Secondary Education. A new stage to avoid leaving school early without any qualification and with the aim of obtaining the official Basic Vocational Training certificate.

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University of Cambridge

We are officially an Open Centre of Cambridge, so we offer examinations of the prestigious University of Cambridge to anyone who wishes.

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Pastoral Plan

Given the religious nature of our School we believe in the importance of educating students in Christian values.

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Other internal projects

For several courses now, the teaching staff in the School have been developing different internal projects with the aim of encouraging and strengthening educational work with students.

Hygiene and health

We insist on the personal values of students, teaching them habits that help them develop as human beings.

Linguistic standardisation

Since 1997 we have taken part in the ULIBARRI programme of the Basque Government to achieve the standardisation of Basque in our school.

Let's play in Basque!

Playing is one way of internalising Basque, of loving it, learning it enjoyably and with a high degree of motivation.


We educate students in values of equality. We are all equal, independently of our origin or social condition.

Having fun in English

Achieving a better knowledge of English through music, bodily expression and play, helping to improve listening and speaking skills.


We raise students' awareness of the importance of caring for the environment and the correct use of resources.

New technologies

We strengthen and promote continuous adaptation, renewal and improvement of computer and technological resources existing in the school.

Theatre in English

We promote the use of, listening to and learning of English among the students through performing arts.