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Salesians Donostia is a KiVa Educational Centre.

The Finnish education system is one of the greatest all around the world. However, until a few years ago, bullying was a tough problem in this Nordic Country. The figures were so disturbing that, in 2006, the Finnish Government and the University of Turku decided to design a programme in order to reduce bullying cases. In that way, KiVa was created, a method which finds the disappearance of bullying by the awareness of all the school members.

From Primary first our pupils receive a training by which their awareness of bullying and the role they represent in that type of situations is raised. Through activities, debates and games, Primary and Secondary students deal with topics such as emotions and social relationships, and they learn that they can not tolerate bullying and that they must support people suffering from it. On the other hand, teachers, through specific training, acquire the necessary tools to transmit these concepts to students and to solve possible cases of bullying.

We work towards improving the welfare and happiness of our students. That is the reason why bullying is not allowed in any form in our school.