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Through this method skills of problem-solving, creativity and collaborative work are developed. The students are given a problem to start with, as a way of acquiring and integrating knowledge. The students become the protagonists of their own learning, assuming the responsibility of being an active part in the process. This methodology encourages the inter-relation between different subjects, which helps students integrate coherently their learning.

Why use this methodology?

  1. The student is the protagonist of his/her learning and natural learning processes are encouraged.
  2. It adapts to the rhythm of each student.
  3. It improves the working environment in the classroom.
  4. It encourages creativity, critical thinking, autonomy, personal organisation, responsibility, social relations, respect for others.
  5. It facilitates the assimilation of theoretical concepts (as this is done via audio-visual resources).
  6. It facilitates more personalised attention of each student.
  7. Most of the work is done in class - Use of digital media (convenience, sharing, cooperation…). All controlled under one platform.