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One of the distinguishing traits of our school is that we are always immersed in continuous improvement of our teaching expertise. For this, we analyse what the latest innovations and proposals are so that the educational process is of the best quality and adapted to our times, and we introduce what best adapts to our objectives.

Here are several examples of projects we have launched recently, with very positive results.

Flipped Classroom Methodology

It consists of reversing the order of the learning process, changing the roles of teacher and student. In this way, the student studies the theoretical concepts at home and in class he/she goes from being the passive receptor to participating actively and dynamically. To do this, the teacher creates and makes available to the students different audio-visual material to work on at home and designs the classroom dynamics to put it all into practice, both individually and collectively.

Our main objective is to convert the students into the protagonist of their own learning, strengthening other personal capabilities such as autonomy, organisation and critical thinking. At the same time, this methodology allows us to undertake a more personalised follow-up of each student and greater attention to diversity, promoting learning to learn and encouraging collaborative work

enhancing learning among equals.And of course, it is an excellent strategy for promoting digital competence by using ICTs.

Golden Five

The Golden 5 project has been applied to various countries such as Belgium, Spain, Italy, Norway and Poland. This project is aimed at improving the educational climate in order to get students to excel by naming the positive aspects of the students.

It is a new methodology which concentrates primarily on positive thinking to encourage motivation in children and is a good link between teacher-student-family. Golden 5 is based on 5 areas: classroom management, building good relations, improving the social climate, adapting to diversity in order to learn and improving family-school relations.