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Our methodology is based on active, motivating and participative techniques. Our students work individually and in a team, with effort and responsibility in their studies. Integrating the different experiences of ordinary life and their immediate environment with the learning. The result is students who have confidence in themselves, critical awareness, personal initiative, curiosity, interest and creativity in learning, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

We are committed to pedagogic innovation and new technologies. Our students develop new skills and strengthen their personal growth with a spirit of continuous improvement. Furthermore, they enjoy learning.

We help them organise their ideas with study techniques. They learn to learn with conceptual maps and brainstorming. They learn to organise their work, in cooperative and interdisciplinary environments, obtaining the best results and in a safe and stimulating ambient where they share their knowledge.

We use English as the working language 9 hours a week, the teachers being native-speakers and with the highest qualification, Proficiency (C2). For the remainder of the school timetable the language of communication in the classroom is Basque. We use Spanish for the hours corresponding to Spanish language content.