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Our present day reality is trilingual. It is essential for a person to command the three language so that there are no boundaries.

In 2009 in Salesians Donostia we initiated the immersion in English and Model D in Basque, making our School trilingual (multi-lingual). To do this, we have only native-speaking English teachers or teachers with the highest language qualification (Proficiency).

We are committed to strengthening and using Basque, the same as English. Speaking two or more languages has profound beneficial effects on the brain and the development of intelligence. And this is especially important at an early age. In fact, learning a new language has become a fundamental part of our Early Stimulation programme.

Using the brain to think, reflect, relate… when learning a second or third language forces the brain to resolve small internal conflicts that develop intelligence. The brain grows through use, and using it by learning a second or third language is probably one of the most useful ways of doing so because it also gives us the obvious practical advantages in an increasingly more globalized world.

Diverse scientific studies dated in the 21st century show that bilingualism or multilingualism, in other words, learning languages, converts aficionados into more intelligent people, with profound effects on the development of the brain, especially at an early age.

Offer by stages:

  1. Infant education (0, 1 and 2 years of age): the communication with the children is in Basque. Everyday, the 0, 1 and 2 year-old children have ONE HOUR of activities in English.
  2. Infant education (3 and 5 year-olds): out of 25 hours a week, 17 hours are taught in BASQUE and 8 in ENGLISH.
  3. Primary Education (6 to 11 year-olds): we teach 16 hours a week in BASQUE (Mathematics, Basque, Music, Religion, Physical Education, Tutorial in Primary 2, 4 and 5); 8 in ENGLISH (Nature Studies, English, Arts and crafts, Tutorial in Primary 1 and 3); 2 in SPANISH (Spanish Language).

Our teachers are top grade and in the case of languages have the highest qualification (Proficiency, EGA, C2...) or are from English-speaking countries.

KAREN GUTTERIDGE: Nursery. 0, 1 and 2 years-old.
LEIRE ALKAIN: Nursery. Tutor 4 year-olds.
AMAIA HUTTON: Primary Teacher
ANTHONY GRADY: Tutor 3rd year Primary
JON SAAVEDRA: Tutor 1st year Primary
SUSANA MURUZABAL: Tutor 2nd Secondary
MYRIAM HERNÁNDEZ: Secondary Teacher
Conversation assistant in Secondary (from USA)