We are Salesians

Trilingual education for the world of today, based on values and for all.

Salesians Donostia is an international school for children aged between 0 and 16 which offers the opportunity to love learning, to develop and grow intellectually, personally and socially.

We are members of the Salesian Congregation which has educational centres in more than 100 countries, with more than 120,000 students and 8,000 top-class teachers.

Educational centres in more than

100 contries

With more than

120.000 unique students

A network of more than

8.000 teachers

A little history

We commenced our school activities in the neighbourhood of Intxaurrondo in 1974. Since then we have educated and seen thousands of children grow, each one of them unique.

Years later, we created the Tamborrada (drumming procession) company and for more than 30 years we have participated in the infant tamborrada in San Sebastian.

Currently, and since 2000, we have one of the most popular and complete Infant Schools (ages 0-2) in the area.

Furthermore, we have always been committed to Basque and for this reason in 2009 we took on the D Model for the whole School. That same year we also initiated total immersion in English with highly qualified native English teachers.

Mission, view, values

Educating is much more than teaching.
It is transmitting values, it is preparing students for the challenges in the world, it is developing curiosity and inquisitiveness, it is fostering tolerance and respect.

Our mission is to teach them to be happy so that they have confidence in themselves and become what they want to be.

We want our students to grow in all respects, and for this we incorporate the most avant-garde teaching techniques.

We promote a positive and creative educational environment based on human and Christian values, cooperating in the construction of a more supportive and open world.


Head director

Jose Amaia

Education director

Nahia Ugarte

Coexistence director

Amaia Guerediaga

Project coordinator

Maddi Sarriegi

Pastoral coordinator

Arantza Toranzo


Edurne Aristi


Maialen Beraza

Innova team (Pedagogical innovation)

Marta Muriel

Maddi Sarriegi

Idoia Eceiza

Nahia Ugarte

Kiva team (Stop bullying!)

Amaia Guerediaga

Nahia Ugarte

Jose Amaia

Ruler team (Emotional education)

Maialen Fernández

Uxue Goldarazena

Nahia Ugarte

External advisor

Arrate Olaiz
Innovation Manager at IBARMIA

Alberto Quintanilla
IT Manager at ACC

Tito Irazusta


Lizardi kalea, 12
20015 Donostia/San Sebastian

The adventure of your life begins right beside your house

Salesians Donostia Ikastetxea/School

Lizardi kalea, 12
20015 Donostia/San Sebastián

T +34 943 32 64 96
F 943 32 64 97
E info@salesianosdonostia.com

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